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Hong Hui Wire Cloth Co.,ltd .We are one of the top manufacturers and exporters of woven wire cloth and wire mesh products in China. Started from the year 2000, we have about 15 years of experiences in weaving wire cloth and wire mesh products.
Sited in Anping of North China,we mainly supply a variety of woven wire mesh products including stainless steel wire mesh,stainless steel wire cloth,Stainless Steel Crimped Wire Mesh,Stainless Steel Architectural Mesh,Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter, ,Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh,Plain Steel Wire Mesh,galvanized wire mesh, Mild Steel Crimped Wire Mesh,High Carbon Steel Crimped Mesh,Monel Wire Cloth, brass wire cloth, copper wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh,Nickel wire mesh and wire mesh discs,Extruder Screens and various filter elements,filter cartridges.According to the weaving patterns, we can supply plain woven wire mesh, twilled woven wire mesh, Dutch plain woven wire mesh, Dutch twilled woven wire cloth and even special woven wire cloth to meet the requirements of customers.
Honghui has been concentrating on technical innovation, scientific management and honest service. We have adopted ISO9000 international quality management system during the process from raw material purchasing, production management and inspection and have assured the reliable quality of our products. We are now not only selling in our domestic market, but also exporting to the USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, South Korea and other countries with excellent reputation.
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